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The two of us have been kidnapped together. Seriously. Put in a car and taken to an undisclosed location in the middle of the night. Phone calls where made by the kidnappers to our friends. The works. Okay, okay, so it wasn't a for real kidnapping, but a kidnapping while we were pledging together in college. If you have ever pledged a sorority, you'll appreciate this story.

One week during our eight weeks of pledging was designated kidnap week. During this week, members of our sorority would kidnap the pledges and visa versa. Once one of your own had been kidnapped, clues where called in as to the location, and you had 6 hours to find her. This was very much a week where the member and pledges were totally against each other and the tension was high. Well, one night our members got a little over zealous and kidnapped BOTH of us at once. It actually all started when another one of our pledge sisters had been kidnapped. After a couple of clues, our pledge class thought the members were holding her at one of our fraternity brothers houses, so Thelma, another pledge sister, and I headed out to see if she was there. Well, she wasn't, but we ran smack into some members of our sorority and our kidnapping ensued.

We had pulled up to the house we thought our pledge sister was in, and two members drove up beside us. We quickly rolled up the windows and locked the doors. A wave of absolute panic washed over us. The way we were acting you really would have thought these ladies were armed and dangerous. They DEMANDED we get out of the car. So, being the obedient pledges we were, we cracked one of the windows. This only served as a catalyst for getting us deeper into hot water. The details here are fuzzy to me now, but we somehow ended up getting out of T's car and into the member's. As we were driven around town, one of the members in the car (who we think had a VERY bad run in that day with one of our pledge sisters) gave us a verbal lashing on how pledges have no respect for members and yadda, yadda, yadda. The way she went on made us feel like we were Charlie Brown listening to his teacher. So, after listening to her go on and on we decided we had had enough. The three of us started to sang "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat" at the TOP of our lungs. (And bear in mind none of us can carry a tune to speak of. ) Mistake! She stopped the car in the middle of nowwhere in the middle of the road and repremanded us in a way remnisent of our own mothers when we had missed curfew. After we got back on the road and came to a stop light, we decide it was the ideal time for a Chinese fire drill. You know what that is right? You get out of the car at a red light, run around it, and get back in. Hey, if these gals were going to kidnap us and break the rules, (You were only supposed to kidnap one person at a time.) we weren't going to go quitely. Finally we ended up at someone's house at which point we started demanding academic supplies. Kidnapping rules were that if the kidnapped needed any studying supplies, they must be given them. So, I would demand something, they'd go to campus to get it and then T would demand something sending them right back. This went on and on and they were driving back and forth the entire 6 hours. I am not sure how we survived; they had to be ready to kill us. I am sure the members involved in our kidnapping were rethinking it after they returned us to T's car, which had been beautifully decorated by our frat brothers whose house it was parked outside of for those 6 hours. Ahh! Fun times!

The Little Joys in Life

Ever wanted to go to the beach, sit next to the ocean, look out over that crystal clear blue water, and enjoy a bologna sandwich and coke with your girlfriend? We've done it, and we would HIGHLY recommend it. There is just something about enjoying a simple beach picnic with your girlfriend to brighten your day. Feel free to share some of those simple, yet special, moments you've have with your girlfriends.

Things that go bump in the night

Warning, Warning, Warning: This story is rated PG-13.

Thelma and her husband had "marital relations" while I was asleep in the same room!

Yes, it is true. I was shocked too. And I didn't find out until two years later when one of them let it slip. On one hand I totally understood, but on the other, I still can't can't believe it.
We were in Ft. Lauderdale. T's hubby had gone out there a week prior for a class. It was the first time they had ever been apart in six years of marriage. His company was paying for the room, so T said I could stay with them in that room to make the trip cheaper. (This was before I got re-married.) We were all close friends, so I figured what the heck! Cheap trip, ocean, sun, beach. The room had a sleeper sofa and a partial divider wall (Thelma would probably want me to mention that in her defense.) So, apparently one night while I was asleep they went at it. SOOOOOOOOO glad I slept through it. I'd really be scarred had I woken up.
When this all came to light, T's defense was that they had been apart for a week and what did I expect? I have to admit; I did understand, but wouldn't that have been the PERFECT time to fulfill that sex-on-the-beach fantasy and actually be on the beach--not just nearby?

Grab a Kleenex

For us this is an especially touching story; this was the moment, at least for me, that I knew this friendship was going to be life-long. So, grab the tissue; you might need it for this one. If you are feeling "PMS-y" or extra hormonal today, you might read this one another day....

Why is it that even though we know our girlfriends will always provide that shoulder to cry and lean on, sometimes we--for whatever reason--don't chose to take advantage of it? For some girls maybe it's denial that they are in a situation they're in. One of those "this can't really be happening to me" times." For others it might be embarrassment. Maybe you might be fearful that if you tell her about whatever it is that has happened, you will have to face the reality of the situation. For me it was all of the above. But we all know that once we do finally get it off of our chests, our girlfriends seem to make it all better, or, at least, help get us started on the healing process.

The lowest point in my life to this point has been getting divorced at 23. Thelma and I married, within a year of each other, to two men who were good friends --her in May of '97 and me in December of that same year. My ex and I actually introduced Thelma and her hubby and were there when they got engaged. We were all bridesmaids and groomsmen in each other's weddings. Just the type of "couple" friends who thought we'd always be inseperable. Even when he and I had to move to another state, we all remained close. Thelma and her husband's home got destoried by a tornado in May of '99; even though we lived 3 hours away at that point, we were there the next day doing what we could to help. I have no doubt they would have done the same for us.

Then on Valentine's Day of 2000, my now Ex hit me with the news--he'd had an affair. Great timing, huh? As if having the affair wasn't bad enough, why did he have to tell me on V-Day? (Don't feel too sorry for me; I've had plenty of great Valentines days since to make up for it.) For some reason--I still don't really know why--Thelma was the last person I wanted to tell. I think it was the fear of disappointing her mixed in with a lot of embarrassment. Not to mention the I-Can't-Believe-This-Is-Happening-To-Me phase I was going through. It was kind of like having an out-of-body experience for a few weeks. In the back of my head I think I really thought my ex and I would work it all out and then maybe I could get by without having to tell anyone except my immediate family. Long story short, in the end, he didn't want to work it out, and we filed for divorce.

I'm not exactly sure at this point how long it was between the time he broke the news of the affair to me and the time I finally told Thelma. I do remember avoiding her calls for at least a couple of weeks. Finally one day she called my house and I wasn't home. For some reason my dad was there and he answered. He is the one who broke the news to her. I felt terrible that she found out that way--still do. But every cloud has a silver lining, right? Even with my fears, embarrassment, and anxiety, the experience brought us girlfriends closer together. I owe God, my incredibly supportive family, and Thelma for picking me up and carrying me through. I wouldn't be where I am today--happily married, great career, and two wonderful boys--without all of their love.

All of us girlfriends have had those sisters who we can rely on to be there for us through anything. (Even when we are boneheaded enough to hide something from her.) Share your story with us and then pick up the phone, shoot an email, or drive on over to tell her thanks and that you love her.

Things that make you go WHAT?!

So my two-year-old boy has done a few things in his short life thus far to make me wonder if those "gender roles" are nature or nurture. He went through a phase where he LOVED wearing my shoes and if they had heals on them that was even better. One day I even caught him with heals on walking down the hall and carrying my purse. The best one happened just the other day though. He had his "baby" (a teddy bear) and he was pushing it around the house in his own stroller swaddled in a blanket. He got the baby bear out of the stroller, took it to the couch and started whispering to it. Then I heard him say, "Baby hungury; I feed." The next thing I knew he pulled his shirt up and started breastfeeding his baby. Guess they really do watch and listen to every move we make. :) (And yes I got the blackmail picture taken.)

Bouncing Baby Boy

I'm back! And feeling like my hormones are under control--well, somewhat anyway. They are at least better then they were those last few weeks of pregnancy. Yeah! So sorry it has been a while since I have posted anything. I FINALLY feel like life is starting to resemble normal again. I told Thelma just the other day that if I could blog while taking the baby and big boy on car rides, then I'd have it made. It has been crazy; having two kiddos is definitely different than just having one, but that's so another post. :)

Here is my big life update: My second son was born on May 19th. And, I know I am a bit bias, but he is ADORABLE. I'm pretty sure it was the fastest labor and delivery EVER. We actually went in to the hospital at 5:30 that morning for a scheduled induction. But the little man had other plans. At 6:30 right as we were finishing the paperwork and getting situated, the nurse was putting my IV in and I started having contractions on my own. I guess the key for me to go into labor is to actually already be at the hospital. (Same thing happen with my first son--went to the hospital to have something checked and an hour later was in labor.) Short story even shorter--went from a 4 to a 9 in about an hour and had him at 8:54. My doctor informed us that if we have anymore kids, we need to seriously consider scheduling an induction right at 39 weeks because they don't think we would make it to the hospital in time. My docs exact words to my hubby--"She's the kind of woman who would end up giving birth on the side of the road." GREAT! That is my track record though. Carry the baby right up to 39 1/2 weeks and have short labors and deliveries. On one hand it is a great thing--get it over with fast. BUT, on the other hand, labor was especially intense this go around. And here we are a month later and doing well!

Breaking News!

Hello! Thelma here with some breaking news.

Louise had her little bambino this morning! Don't have all the details yet. . . All I know is that she was only in labor for about 2-3 hours! I will post more as I know more.

Congrats Louise & Family!!


Hormones. They are funny little creatures, aren’t they? And when you are nine months preggo they are OUT OF CONTROL…literally. Right now I feel like a ticking time bomb. Any thought running through my head is liable to come out of my mouth, which, trust me, is not a good thing. You know that filter we all have—well, most of us anyway—that keeps those thoughts we shouldn’t say in our heads? Mine is just almost gone; I think this baby has eaten it. Oh, and have I mentioned I’m a teacher—to teenagers. Which makes this hormonal imbalance that much more unbearable.

And here’s the deal. I know I am being cranky and ridiculous; I just don’t care. Really I don’t. It’s like the worst case of PMS, ever. My husband, friends, and family will all attest to this. In fact my hubby’s loving (and I use that term as sarcastically as possible) response to me asking him what is wrong with me, was “You’ve been this cranky to me for weeks now.” I’d have smacked him if we hadn’t been having this convo over the phone. Smart man—knew not to say that to my face.

So, in the hopes that venting will release, stifle, kill, destroy, etc. these hormones and in good girlfriend fashion, here is a list of what is irritating me at the moment (Know that this list can change and be added to at any given moment.):

1. Teenagers. That’s probably enough said right there. Normally, I love them, but right now, even the ones I really do love are driving me nuts! I mean how hard is it to get out your novel and read???!!!

2. Other drivers. When you aren’t turning right at an intersection, don’t get in the right hand lane and make those of us that are turning right have to wait through the ENTIRE light for you to get out of our way.

3. Oh, and you have turn signals on your car for a reason. Use them!!!!

4. Technology. Really the only thing I need to do at school is keep my grades caught up for when I do have the baby. (In anticipation of his arrival, everything else is already taken care of.) But, of course, we do grades online now and the gradebook is down. Has been since yesterday afternoon. Seriously, I need it to be functioning!

5. Two-year-olds. I love my son. Wouldn’t trade him for the world. But if he asks me “why?” to one more thing, well, I don’t know what. But I do wonder why I was so anxious for him to talk sometimes.

6. Back to teenagers. What part of “No” is hard for you to understand? Quit arguing with me! That only makes me stick to my guns even more—and that’s on a normal day.

7. My house and the fact that I can’t seem to get it cleaned or organized. I get the front part of it done and then the back half is a mess and visa versa. Does housework ever end???

8. Mail order pharmacies. We are pretty much being forced to start using one, which I HATE. There’s just something about getting to talk to the actual pharmacist and knowing who is filling the medication, you know? But that luxury is not one we can afford anymore. Yet another way insurance is controlling our lives.

9. Body temperature. Apparently this is what menopause will feel like and it sucks. Our thermostat at home is set on about 72 degrees and I am BURNING up. Sweating actually. How ridiculous is that?!

10. Well, I don’t have a number ten and that irritates me!

We're Still Here!

Sorry it's been a while since our last post. Louise, who does most of the blogging, is about to have a bambino any day now so her focus isn't really on the Ditzy Duo right now. She's getting a little impatient and cranky so PLEASE leave a comment giving her some encouragement and cheering on. PLEASE! I don't know if I can take it anymore!!



P.S. We'll have some more hilarity for you soon, I promise!

What Can I Say?

Here is the conversation between my husband (who is sick himself and home with a 2-year-old who was sick but apparently is feeling much better) and I just a few minutes ago:

Phone at my desk rings.

Me: Hello?

Hubby: (in his most "I am not feeling good" voice possible): Can you cancel you dentist appt. after work today and just come home?

Me: I can try to reschedule. Why? What's wrong?

Hubby: I'm just not feeling good, and I am SOOOOOO tired. Oh, and our son is eating trash.

Me: What?! He is eating trash?

Needless to say the appt. was re-scheduled.

Pastry Chefs We Are Not

Leave it to Thelma to come up with the idea to make French macaroons. I mean besides Martha herself, who makes these? It took a little coaxing, but she got me to agree to a girl’s night of baking. And who knew these little treats were so DELICIOUS; I am still craving them a week later. Should you ever decide to be ambitious and attempt to make French macaroons, please learn from our mistakes...

Mistake #1: Not Having the Proper Equipment
YOU WILL NEED AN ACTUAL, FOR-REAL SIFTER . . . you know, the one with the squeeze handle or crank. Don't think you can "make do" with a colander/strainer thing as a sifter. Believe us, You. Will. Regret. It. After making two batches, sifting each one three times, we decided we did not have the patience to be pastry chefs. In fact, I vowed during one of the sifting cycles (while Thelma was desperately calling neighbors to find a good sifter) to never make French macaroons again, but I quickly reneged on that as soon as I tasted them.

Also, if you don’t have the right pastry bag tip, the chocolate macaroons will turn out looking like dog poo (see exhibit 1).

Mistake #2: Mismanagement of Time
Don't attempt this little endeavor when you are on a time schedule. Poor Thelma had to finish baking and cleaning her kitchen without me (which she claims took 2 hours!). We had no idea how long making these jewels would take (in part due to the fact we didn't have a real sifter) and I had to get home to relieve my sitters.

Mistake #3: Being Overzealous
We were so excited about making these delectable desserts that we wanted to try several different flavors. We planned on making a butter cream, a chocolate butter cream, Italian cream, and chocolate ganache filling but only were able to finish the first three (see mistake #2). You should chose one flavor and go with it. In our opinion, the Italian cream filling on chocolate macaroons are TO DIE FOR! That's all you need, we promise.

Mistake #4: Misinterpretation of the Recipe
When using Martha's recipe (which we did), know that when it says it will make 35 cookies, its means 35 actual cookies. Somehow we interpreted this to mean we'd get 70 cookies and then have 35 once they where sandwiched together. My husbands exact words were " You two worked that long and that hard to make three cookies?" Okay, granted we got more than three cookies, it wasn't much more.

We really do plan on doing this again, but next time we will be more prepared. Isn't it true you learn as you go?

Yes, we know, they aren't as pretty as some of the pics you've seen on the web but they sure were tasty!

Adventures in Victoria's Secret

We love Victoria's Secret; laughter always finds us there. You know you are with a true girlfriend when you go lingerie shopping together. Put yourself in our shoes and join us on one particularly hysterical adventure. You might want to grab an extra pair of panties because if you were truly there with us, you probably would have peed in your pants for sure. We both almost did.

Those of you who have either had a baby or have had someone close to you have one know just how much your body changes during pregnancy not to mention childbirth. So much so it takes a LLLOOONNNGGG time for you to get back into your pre-kid body--if you ever do. Needless to say, you aren't going to be there in six weeks, but that is when the doc more than likely gives you the go ahead to, well, you know. So, six weeks after having my first child, my hubby and I planned the perfect date night, which included dinner, a glass--or two, or three--of wine (If you have been there, you know you need that little bit of liquid courage) and giving our new bundle to grandparents overnight for the first time. Are you catching my drift? Even though I in no way, shape, or form, looked like I wanted to look, I still wanted to have that little extra VA VA VOOM for our special night. So, I called up Thelma, and we went lingerie shopping.

So, there we were standing in Victoria's Secret. I had no clue what size or style might fit and look good--oh, okay, I would have settled for halfway decent--on me at this point. Like I said earlier everything seemed to have shifted around--and not for the better. We grabbed so many things, the sales ladies had to think we were going to stuff our purses full while we were in the dressing room. I have no idea exactly how many "outfits" I tried on, but it was getting to the point we were so tired we were delirious. (You know that point you reach when EVERYTHING is hilarious?) Like I said, my body was totally different than it had been pre-baby, and some of the things I put on looked down right awful--to the amusement of us both. So, there we were in the dressing room together already laughing out loud so loudly that we had to be causing a scene, and I had one more outfit to put on. It was one of those that looks so good on the hanger that you pray it looks just as good on you. Well, I don't know what happened--I think it was the material and the fact that it was skin tight and WAY too clingy--but I got it on and knew IMMEDIATELY it wasn't going to work, but, when I tried to take it off, it wouldn't budge. The harder I tried, the worse I made things. By the time I looked to Thelma for help, I had the thing all twisted up, backwards, and inside out. And to top it off, the thing was so tight I couldn't breathe. Thelma and I might have been able to get it off if we weren't laughing so hard. We got it as far has my chest and then it got stuck again. There I was with the bottom half of my chest sticking out and my panties--that was it. You could only be in this predicament and not be embarrassed in the presence of your best friend. By this time we both needed to go bolting for the nearest toilet, but obviously we couldn't. We finally just had to stop trying to get the lingerie off and just stand there and laugh until every one of our stomach muscles ached. You can imagine what people on the other side of the dressing room door had to be thinking. Finally--and I don't know how--we pulled it together long enough to get the thing off.

In the end I did find a cute little number. You'd think after that major escapade we'd never set foot in Victoria's Secret together again. Not so. Just a few months ago we went bra shopping together. We got fitted for the right size bra, which we'd recommend. You know how they say the majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra? We both fit into that majority, and me...I was wearing bras TWO sizes too small. Talk about uncomfy. So, grab your girlfriends and head to the nearest Victoria Secret. You too can create some fun memories.



Thelma here. Louise and I are planning on making some French Macaroons next weekend so if any of you have a good recipe, please send it our way. (Maybe we'll send you some if they turn out) ;D

Crazy Moments with the Girls

Thelma and Louise have had some crazy times together (like parasailing). We've written a few of our stories for you already and those are just the tip of the iceberg. But for today, we'd like to hear some of your stories. What's one of the craziest things you have done with your girlfriends? Come on, spill the beans!

Stuck on a Plane...AGAIN

You know that movie Snakes on a Plane? We could make a movie called Stuck on a Plane. Don't ever go on a trip with us if you don't like being stuck on a plane--for HOURS--seriously. We can guarantee that if you go on a trip that requires air travel it will more than likely result in spending more than your fair share of time on the plane. And not just time in the air; we are talking sitting on the plane on various runways. We have taken three trips that had us checking bags, going through security, and whipping out our boarding passes. Two of the three trips resulted in a total of eight and a half hours of sitting ON THE PLANE at the gate or on a runway. And you know just how roomy and spacious planes are. Fun times! (I do have to interject here that the one trip we took where we didn't put in runway time, we did get bumped to first class; however, the odds are not in our favor for that to ever happen again. I also feel inclined to mention on that flight, we did not have to go through Dallas, which, as you will see, seems to be the problem.)

Our first air travel was a trip to see another pledge sister in Austin, TX. My memory is a little sketchy since this trip was several years ago (7 years ago this summer to be exact.), so Thelma feel free to correct some of the details. Our flight left home at 7:30 PM, we had a lay over in Dallas, and our entire flight (including the lay over) was supposed to be around two hours. That put us getting into Austin around 9:30. Our flight ended up boarding an hour late, and then when we finally did get on the plane, we taxied to the end of the runway, turned back, and then sat at the gate ON THE PLANE for three hours. The hold up? "Weather in Dallas" (This is the key phrase; watch it will come up again) We did finally leave the gate around 11 PM and got into Dallas about 45 minutes later. We proceeded to the gate where we were to wait on the plane for additional passengers to board, and guess what??? Apparently the "Weather in Dallas" had cleared enough for us to land but not take off again. Go figure. So, there we were sitting ON THE PLANE at the gate AGAIN. I think we finally left Dallas an hour and a half later and got into Austin about 1:00 in the AM. (Oh, and Thelma just had to develop a sinus infection during all of this, so you know that made the fight that much more fun. Are you sensing the sarcasm?)

So, fast forward five years--a wedding and a kid later. We--Thelma, her hubby, me, and my hubby--took that now infamous trip to Mexico. (If you missed it, see our first blog post.) The flight there was smooth sailing so to speak. It wasn't until the flight home that fate reared her ugly head. First of all, our plane left Mexico two hours after its scheduled departure time (ARE you seeing the pattern here?), which we found out after we'd already left our resort and gotten to the airport--bye, bye beach. Little did we know at the time, that two hour wait in the airport would be WELCOMED after the delay we were still yet to experience. Once we left Mexico, we were flying into, of all places, Dallas and then driving the rest of the way home--a 3 hour trip. (Watch. Here comes that key phrase.) So, we got to Dallas and noticed we were continually flying in circles. The pilot finally came over the PA system and said (Here it is.) we weren't going to be able to land because of "Weather in Dallas" (Told you it was coming.) and we were being re-routed to Houston. Now I have never been to Houston and really would love to go, but not at the end of a trip when all I want to do is see my then six-month-old son we had just left with his grandparents for a week and sleep in my own bed. But we were stuck on the plane, so what were we going to do at that point? Sure enough, we landed in Houston and sat ON THE PLANE for 5 hours waiting for the "Weather in Dallas" to clear. When it was all said and done, we ended up getting home 7 hours AFTER our scheduled time to our own comfy and snugly beds.

The moral of the stories: Avoid any flights that require you to land in Dallas if you are traveling with Thelma and me; it can only end up with countless hours of your life wasted while sitting ON A PLANE. Bad news for you though--How are you going to know if we are on your flight? I guess if you end up sitting in a plane on the runway in Dallas, you can start looking for us on your flight. Chances are pretty good that we're probably on it.

And the Winner is . . . . .

The winner of our first ever Girlfriend Giveaway (generated by random.org) is . . . . .


Congrats Robin!! Email your addy to us at ditzyduo[at]yahoo.com and we'll get your goodies shipped out right away!
Thank you to all who commented and started following us! We hope to continue to keep you, our Girlfriends, entertained and encouraged. If you have any questions or post ideas for us, we'd love to hear them!

One of THOSE Days

So, I got back from vacay and wished I had just stayed there. Reality is too much to deal with some days. You know when things just seem to things pile up one by one by one until you have one of those days where NOTHING goes your way. Yeah, I had one of those days.

My life in the last 24 hours:

1. Somehow, I have managed to lose my keys. Really, they are nowhere to be found. They have been lost since we returned from vacay and I threw them NEXT TO my purse. That was my mistake, and I knew it at the time. In the back of my head I told myself, "You need to put those IN your purse or you are going to lose them." And now they are G-O-N-E. I guess if I wanted to be a glass half-full kind of person, I could look at it as I was right and I am a brilliant person!

2. My babysitter for my following day full of doctor's appointments fell through at the last minute, so I had to call my sis-in-law (who is also 7 months preggo) at 11:00 at night to see if she could rescue me. I just knew I was going to be waking her up, but, thankfully, she bailed me out.

3. Putting #1 and #2 together, I had dr. appts. to get to, but no keys to my car, house, etc., which poses a problem. So, I had to take my hubby to work, so I could have his truck for the day. I only had one hour between appts. for lunch and I had already scheduled a date with my mom, but my hubby was supposed to go with me to my ultrasound appt. in the PM. There wasn't enough time for me to pick up my son, pick up my hubby, and have lunch with mom. What's a girl to do? Ended up my hubby had a meeting he had to be at in the afternoon, so he wasn't able to go to the doc with me anyway, so Mom went and helped me with my 2-year-old.

4. My morning appt. was a 3 hour blood glucose screening. It sucked. Sorry there is just no other word to describe it. I failed my 1 hour screening--I think in part due to some banana pudding. The pudding was good, but definitely not worth having to do the three hour blood work. I had to fast from midnight the night before--no food or drink until noon for a preggo woman is NOT a good combo--even on a normal day. I, however, had to drink this really sugary lemon-lime thing and within 45 minutes felt sick--about to toss-my-cookies sick. Really? Can the medical community not come up with a better way to test blood glucose? The current one can not be good for the baby. (And it's not so good on the preggo hormones either. I'm pretty sue those poor ladies in the lab were glad to see me leave.)

5. My PM appt. was at 1:00. (Remember, I had a 2-year-old with me who normally naps at 1:30ish.) At 1:30--yes, 30 minutes after my scheduled time--I finally got called back. You know how patient 2-year-olds are, so you can imagine how incredibly LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG those 30 minutes of waiting really were. The tech did her part of the ultrasound and my mom and son got to see the baby, which was the cool part of the day. Then she left to do her report and send the doctor in, and my mom took my son back out to the waiting room (He was too "curious" about the ultrasound room we were in.) I spent the next 30 minutes waiting AGAIN. Thelma and I texted each other while I was waiting, which passed the time for me, but I had to just pray Mom was okay out in the waiting room with the 2-year-old tornado. All-in-all I was at that appt. from 1 to 3.

By the time we got home, both of my son and I needed a nap. I called my hubby and asked him if he would find a ride home from work because we were both going to be snoozing at 5 when he got off. Being the nice guy he is, he said sure.
(I'm sure there is some humor in here somewhere; I am just still too close to the situation to see it yet. Give me a week or so.)

Anyone else ever had one of those days??? Leave a comment. You know it helps to vent.

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Ok, as promised, we are having a little giveaway.

Thanks to A Scrappy Design, we are giving away (2) Girlfriend Note Cards and a cute little stamp set. There are two ways to enter and win. Tell us what you think of our new blog by leaving a comment and you will receive (1) entry. Become a Ditzy Duo follower, you will get (2) entries. Do both and receive (3) entries!!

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A Town Called Cemetery

Did you do it? Did you follow through on the challenge of our previous post? We girlfriends know just how precious that time spent with each other really is. We provide that shoulder to cry on, vent to, and laugh with. Sometimes we even learn a little about our girlfriends when we take the time to just be together, even if we don't really have a plan. I learned just how much of a city girl Thelma is when we took a random, aimless road trip one lazy Sunday afternoon while we were in college.

We had been sitting around bored out of our minds until we had a brilliant plan--ROAD TRIP! Like the young, freshman, college gals we were then, we got in the car and drove without any destination in mind, exploring every back road highway we could find around our college town. And, like you will see along the road, there were many signs, including those that point you in the direction of those little country cemeteries. We drove on our random road trip for probably three or four hours while making several twists and turns along the way. We spent our time talking, laughing, car dancing--you know like we girls will do--when all of a sudden Thelma said in her most EXASPERATED voice while throwing her hands in the air, "Where is this Cemetery, Oklahoma?" And, yes, she was serious as a heart attack; she actually thought those "Cemetery" signs were referring to a town! Gotta love that! Now go get some face-to-face girlfriend time this weekend.

Take a minute...

Have you had your girlfriend time lately? Has it been entirely too long since you called or emailed your girlfriends? Take a few minutes now and pick up the phone or shoot an email to her. You'll be glad you did; you know you will.

What Happens in Mexico...

O.K. we have to admit, sometimes our funny stories roll out of the M-O-S-T embarrassing of situations; we are sure many of you girlfriends out there can relate. This particular running-to-the-bathroom-story is so embarrassing that we have made a pact with each other to never let out which one of us it happened to because, well, you will TOTALLY understand when you get to the end...

Let's just say there is a hotel cleaning lady in Mexico still cursing our names. It all started in 2003 with a trip we took to Ft. Lauderdale (There are some stories there too!) when we spent the week talking about going parasailing but never did. Once we arrived back home, we both regretted not taking advantage of the opportunity to fly high over the ocean. We promised each other and ourselves that if the moment ever presented itself again, we'd dive right in and not let it pass. Ok, jump ahead four years--a wedding and a child later. We, along with our husbands, finally took that trip to Mexico we had been talking about for years. Before we even left, we decided this was it; we were going to parasail over the Carribbean. How beautiful and tranquil, right? So, finally the last day of our trip we did it, and it was an experience neither of us will ever forget. EVER.

Nerves were building as our scheduled parasailing time crept closer and closer. One of us even tried to back out, but, true to our friendship, the other part of the duo twisted her arm and reminded her of the promise she'd made years ago and guilted her into holding up her end of the bargain. (You thought I was going to say something sweet about providing support and encouragement, didn't you? Yeah, that didn't happen.) Our husbands, being the supportive men they are--who are we kidding; they wanted ammo on us--bought a seat on the boat. So there we were, on the boat full of people who were also going parasailing. After the first person took his turn, we were up. The guide had told us each turn would last around 15 minutes, what sign to make to come down early, and that they'd try to bring us in so we'd land on the platform but there was a chance we'd end up in the water. Getting into the air was no problemo; it was smooth sailing (after all of the screaming and prayers on the way up). Our experience started off as we had envisioned--beautiful and tranquil--then it all went south in more ways than one.

We couldn't have been in the air for more than five minutes, maybe not even that long, when it hit--quite literally. Have you ever seen Sex in the City: The Movie? Remember Charolette's experience in Mexico where she did everything she could to avoid consuming any of the water only, when she accidentally did, she went running for the nearest toilet only to find herself unable to hold it any longer? Well, we are here to tell you, those "Mexico Moments (MM)" really happen, and this one happened to one of us 500 feet into the air! So, there we were in quite the predicament. The "accident victim" begged the other one of us to make the sign for an early landing and prayed we'd end up with an ocean landing (Who cares about the possibility of attracting fish and maybe even sharks? Landing in the water might at least give us the chance to get out of this situation with a little dignity). No such luck. We landed on the platform and were welcomed by questioning looks from our husbands. We did the only safe thing we could do in that situation; we said one of us was feeling sick. Now the trick was to get the boat to the dock and fast. The problem? There was still one person on the boat who hadn't had their turn not to mention the guides who's English was limited. At this point we can't even recall how the conversation went, but somehow we convinced the driver we need to get back to shore. And as luck would have it, a couple on the boat with us told us of a close bathroom once we got to the dock--the VIP lounge.

We both took off to the VIP lounge as soon as the boat got to the dock. I'm pretty sure neither of us had ever run that fast. We burst through the lounge and into the restroom. Let's just say there was no salvaging the bathing suit--never mind the HOURS it took to find that suit--so luckily she was wearing a cover up as well. And then another "MM" hit. She was in luck, right? We were in a restroom with a toilet right there. Well, if you have ever been to Mexico, you know the toilets don't flush like they do here. (At least this has been our experience.) So to make a long story short the toilet got stopped up. So there we were, one of us sick at this point, a toilet full of well, you know, and a RUINED bathing suit. What do you do in that situation? No amount of life experience could prepare you for this, right? Like any good girl would do, we PANICKED. (Here is where the bathing suit cover up came in handy since the swimsuit was now IN THE TOILET right along with--well, you know.) We ran out of the VIP lounge as fast as we could and across the resort to our rooms, where we stayed for the next three hours. We just knew somehow the hotel people would find the culprits.

Now we are sure you understand why we wish to keep this story anonymous. We promise this really happened; we couldn't make this story up if we tried.

(If you liked this story, stay tuned!)

Let the Stories Begin.....

Ever had one of those friends who you knew anytime you got together hilarity and calamity were bound to ensue? Well, that's us--literally never a dull moment. Just ask our husbands. Whether it is a trip to the mall or a trip out of the country, good times follow us everywhere; we tend to be our own version of Thelma and Louise. (Let's just call her Thelma and me Louise--you know, to protect the innocent.) Granted, some of the laugh-out-loud-so-hard-you-pee-your-pants-times we have together are those "you had to be there" moments, but, believe me, we have had plenty of moments any living, breathing person would be running for the nearest toilet. And that reminds me of a story....