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Breaking News!

Hello! Thelma here with some breaking news.

Louise had her little bambino this morning! Don't have all the details yet. . . All I know is that she was only in labor for about 2-3 hours! I will post more as I know more.

Congrats Louise & Family!!


Hormones. They are funny little creatures, aren’t they? And when you are nine months preggo they are OUT OF CONTROL…literally. Right now I feel like a ticking time bomb. Any thought running through my head is liable to come out of my mouth, which, trust me, is not a good thing. You know that filter we all have—well, most of us anyway—that keeps those thoughts we shouldn’t say in our heads? Mine is just almost gone; I think this baby has eaten it. Oh, and have I mentioned I’m a teacher—to teenagers. Which makes this hormonal imbalance that much more unbearable.

And here’s the deal. I know I am being cranky and ridiculous; I just don’t care. Really I don’t. It’s like the worst case of PMS, ever. My husband, friends, and family will all attest to this. In fact my hubby’s loving (and I use that term as sarcastically as possible) response to me asking him what is wrong with me, was “You’ve been this cranky to me for weeks now.” I’d have smacked him if we hadn’t been having this convo over the phone. Smart man—knew not to say that to my face.

So, in the hopes that venting will release, stifle, kill, destroy, etc. these hormones and in good girlfriend fashion, here is a list of what is irritating me at the moment (Know that this list can change and be added to at any given moment.):

1. Teenagers. That’s probably enough said right there. Normally, I love them, but right now, even the ones I really do love are driving me nuts! I mean how hard is it to get out your novel and read???!!!

2. Other drivers. When you aren’t turning right at an intersection, don’t get in the right hand lane and make those of us that are turning right have to wait through the ENTIRE light for you to get out of our way.

3. Oh, and you have turn signals on your car for a reason. Use them!!!!

4. Technology. Really the only thing I need to do at school is keep my grades caught up for when I do have the baby. (In anticipation of his arrival, everything else is already taken care of.) But, of course, we do grades online now and the gradebook is down. Has been since yesterday afternoon. Seriously, I need it to be functioning!

5. Two-year-olds. I love my son. Wouldn’t trade him for the world. But if he asks me “why?” to one more thing, well, I don’t know what. But I do wonder why I was so anxious for him to talk sometimes.

6. Back to teenagers. What part of “No” is hard for you to understand? Quit arguing with me! That only makes me stick to my guns even more—and that’s on a normal day.

7. My house and the fact that I can’t seem to get it cleaned or organized. I get the front part of it done and then the back half is a mess and visa versa. Does housework ever end???

8. Mail order pharmacies. We are pretty much being forced to start using one, which I HATE. There’s just something about getting to talk to the actual pharmacist and knowing who is filling the medication, you know? But that luxury is not one we can afford anymore. Yet another way insurance is controlling our lives.

9. Body temperature. Apparently this is what menopause will feel like and it sucks. Our thermostat at home is set on about 72 degrees and I am BURNING up. Sweating actually. How ridiculous is that?!

10. Well, I don’t have a number ten and that irritates me!

We're Still Here!

Sorry it's been a while since our last post. Louise, who does most of the blogging, is about to have a bambino any day now so her focus isn't really on the Ditzy Duo right now. She's getting a little impatient and cranky so PLEASE leave a comment giving her some encouragement and cheering on. PLEASE! I don't know if I can take it anymore!!



P.S. We'll have some more hilarity for you soon, I promise!