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The two of us have been kidnapped together. Seriously. Put in a car and taken to an undisclosed location in the middle of the night. Phone calls where made by the kidnappers to our friends. The works. Okay, okay, so it wasn't a for real kidnapping, but a kidnapping while we were pledging together in college. If you have ever pledged a sorority, you'll appreciate this story.

One week during our eight weeks of pledging was designated kidnap week. During this week, members of our sorority would kidnap the pledges and visa versa. Once one of your own had been kidnapped, clues where called in as to the location, and you had 6 hours to find her. This was very much a week where the member and pledges were totally against each other and the tension was high. Well, one night our members got a little over zealous and kidnapped BOTH of us at once. It actually all started when another one of our pledge sisters had been kidnapped. After a couple of clues, our pledge class thought the members were holding her at one of our fraternity brothers houses, so Thelma, another pledge sister, and I headed out to see if she was there. Well, she wasn't, but we ran smack into some members of our sorority and our kidnapping ensued.

We had pulled up to the house we thought our pledge sister was in, and two members drove up beside us. We quickly rolled up the windows and locked the doors. A wave of absolute panic washed over us. The way we were acting you really would have thought these ladies were armed and dangerous. They DEMANDED we get out of the car. So, being the obedient pledges we were, we cracked one of the windows. This only served as a catalyst for getting us deeper into hot water. The details here are fuzzy to me now, but we somehow ended up getting out of T's car and into the member's. As we were driven around town, one of the members in the car (who we think had a VERY bad run in that day with one of our pledge sisters) gave us a verbal lashing on how pledges have no respect for members and yadda, yadda, yadda. The way she went on made us feel like we were Charlie Brown listening to his teacher. So, after listening to her go on and on we decided we had had enough. The three of us started to sang "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat" at the TOP of our lungs. (And bear in mind none of us can carry a tune to speak of. ) Mistake! She stopped the car in the middle of nowwhere in the middle of the road and repremanded us in a way remnisent of our own mothers when we had missed curfew. After we got back on the road and came to a stop light, we decide it was the ideal time for a Chinese fire drill. You know what that is right? You get out of the car at a red light, run around it, and get back in. Hey, if these gals were going to kidnap us and break the rules, (You were only supposed to kidnap one person at a time.) we weren't going to go quitely. Finally we ended up at someone's house at which point we started demanding academic supplies. Kidnapping rules were that if the kidnapped needed any studying supplies, they must be given them. So, I would demand something, they'd go to campus to get it and then T would demand something sending them right back. This went on and on and they were driving back and forth the entire 6 hours. I am not sure how we survived; they had to be ready to kill us. I am sure the members involved in our kidnapping were rethinking it after they returned us to T's car, which had been beautifully decorated by our frat brothers whose house it was parked outside of for those 6 hours. Ahh! Fun times!

The Little Joys in Life

Ever wanted to go to the beach, sit next to the ocean, look out over that crystal clear blue water, and enjoy a bologna sandwich and coke with your girlfriend? We've done it, and we would HIGHLY recommend it. There is just something about enjoying a simple beach picnic with your girlfriend to brighten your day. Feel free to share some of those simple, yet special, moments you've have with your girlfriends.

Things that go bump in the night

Warning, Warning, Warning: This story is rated PG-13.

Thelma and her husband had "marital relations" while I was asleep in the same room!

Yes, it is true. I was shocked too. And I didn't find out until two years later when one of them let it slip. On one hand I totally understood, but on the other, I still can't can't believe it.
We were in Ft. Lauderdale. T's hubby had gone out there a week prior for a class. It was the first time they had ever been apart in six years of marriage. His company was paying for the room, so T said I could stay with them in that room to make the trip cheaper. (This was before I got re-married.) We were all close friends, so I figured what the heck! Cheap trip, ocean, sun, beach. The room had a sleeper sofa and a partial divider wall (Thelma would probably want me to mention that in her defense.) So, apparently one night while I was asleep they went at it. SOOOOOOOOO glad I slept through it. I'd really be scarred had I woken up.
When this all came to light, T's defense was that they had been apart for a week and what did I expect? I have to admit; I did understand, but wouldn't that have been the PERFECT time to fulfill that sex-on-the-beach fantasy and actually be on the beach--not just nearby?