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Fantastic Friday 10/8

Still love this idea.  My goal is to do a fantastic Friday post every week.  It really does make you realize what you have to be thankful for. And I’ve got a lot of gratitude to express for things that happened this week.

1.  We got the garage cleaned out! This bares repeating. WE GOT THE GARAGE CLEANED OUT! Finally put all of the baby stuff in the attic while we figure out if we’ll have a third child. And we got all of the boxes full of my “classroom” put away on selves or in the attic.

2. While cleaning out the garage and the attic, we re-discovered 12-18 month fall/winter clothes that my 1-year-old can now wear. AND we found 4T clothes friends & family passed down for my 3-year-old. Now we don’t have to spend money on clothes for the boys this season, which is awesome since we are still figuring out this one paycheck household thing.

3.  The stars aligned, & I got to sub yesterday. It looks like this will be the Thursday norm of me.  I’m thankful for this for a couple of reasons. 1) Though small, it is a little extra money for us. 2) It keeps me in the loop for when I go back to teaching in a few years.

4. I am thankful for my husband who wants me to be home with the boys as badly as I do.  He worked his rear off the past couple of days to figure out more ways we can cut expenses to give us a little more wiggle room every month.

5.  The scales are finally headed in the right direction again!  After two weeks of the numbers going up (Remember that vacation my husband & I took?) and then holding steady, I’m FINALLY down one more pound. Yay!

6.  It’s been a great week home with my boys, but the best part was Wednesday afternoon when my 3-year-old took a nap (That was a good thing, but that’s not where I was headed.) & woke up wanting to cuddle.  I got 30 minutes of cuddle time with my sweetie pie.

7. Thunder tickets came in the mail this week.  I am so excited for the season to start.  Going to really enjoy going to games this year because next year me might have to sell off several tickets.  No way we can afford season tickets with me staying at home.

8. Can’t believe I almost forgot his one, OU BEAT Texas! BOOMER SOONER!   

How was your week?  What happened that you are thankful for? Remember, sometimes it’s the little things. :)

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