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Feeding Frenzy 2


Here we go. My family’s dinner menu for this month.  (I’m a little late in posting it, sorry.) I lived and learned with last month’s. And now I will pass my new-found knowledge on to you.  (I’m a giver; what can I say?)

1.   It’s okay not to stick to the menu EXACTLY. I found even when I digressed from the menu, it was still helpful because I knew exactly what was in my freezer.

2.  Having a menu REALLY did the trick on helping us not eat out.  Dinner no longer felt nearly as overwhelming every night now that I had a plan.

3.  I have re-discovered my crock pot.  And, oh how I have missed it!  I have a friend who was gracious enough to share some of her recipes with me.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.

4.  I found in making the menu out for a month that if I went from what I had in the freezer and pantry already and then filled in the rest, my grocery shopping list wasn’t nearly as large and expensive.

Have you ever meal planned?  What tips do you have? Recipes?  I’m always up for new recipes.

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  1. I meal plan, for 2-4 weeks at a time. I write down the meals, and put it in a journal with produce that I need to buy each week, it makes life so simple. I love Martha Stewart's recipes any day, also, I use Jami Oliver's books, Tyler Florence and Everyday Italian by Giada DLaurentiis.

    I love that you type out your plan on a calendar, I need to do that!